New policies as of June 2020! 

We are in the process of adopting new consignment policies going forward - please email us at or call 603-715-2009 for more information if you have any questions. Thank you!

Consignors can drop off up to 25 items (please fold them neatly, no need to hang them) at the shop during regular business hours - no appointment necessary! Please only drop off once every 60 days to keep things fair for all of our consignors. 

Please fill out the form below BEFORE you drop off your items.

We'll email you a list of the items we're taking in to sell once we're finished going through them.

We are currently open 11-5 Tuesday through Saturday and all drop offs must be within those hours.

We are currently accepting FALL AND WINTER items for women and men. For women's clothing, we're specifically looking for things like sweaters and cardigans, jeans (especially high waisted!), denim jackets, trench coats, dresses, long sleeve tops and blouses, shoes, and jewelry and designer handbags/wallets/accessories. We are also looking for vintage clothing, jewelry, and handbags. For men's clothing, we're looking for mostly casual wear: tee shirts, athletic wear from brands like Adidas, sneakers in like new condition, and vintage casual wear.  We are not accepting men's suits or formal wear at this time.

Items that are not selected to be put on sale can be picked up by the consignor once we email your list of items we are selling. If you are choosing to pick up items we aren't going to sell, you have two (2) weeks as of the date of your email to pick those items up during regular business hours (11-5 Tuesday through Saturday). Items that are not picked up after two weeks will be added to our donations and cannot be retrieved later on. 

We put consignor items on the sales floor for 60 days. For items that do not sell, we'll give you an additional 30 days to pick up anything that hasn't sold. Items that are still here after 90 days will be donated to charity.

Consignors will receive 40% of the sale price for each item. Pricing is set by LDR. We will not notify you of each individual sale.

Accounts with over $100 in sales will automatically receive a check in the mail the following month. Consignors with less than $100 in their account may request a payout for the following month. You are always welcome to use your sales as store credit and the credit will never expire. 

A Pile of Sweaters


Fill this out and hit submit BEFORE you bring your items by, thank you!
(note: if your computer autofills your address please double check that the city/state/zip is included!)



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