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A 20 inch stainless steel ball chain with a gold tone upcycled lock. Each lock necklace also comes with the key.

Read below for the full story:


The Suitcase was a luggage store that held our address for decades before we came along… then there was a long vacancy, and then a stint as another store before we came along on January 1 2020.

7 North Main Street was my refuge from the flood at our old location, and I tried to resist staying here for a million reasons. None of them took, and I’m happy to say this location feels like real home for LDR. It’s now been 4+ year in this spot and it’s better every day. I love this space so much.

When I moved in, I found a filing cabinet filled with old catalogs and lookbooks and order forms. It took everything in me to discard them and not keep them to flip through for fun, though I admit I did take a few to keep 🤣

The basement has a large embossing machine they used - it imprinted the gold foil initials of our town’s residents onto their leather bags to make them special.

Back before the holidays Ashley and I were in the basement, cleaning and prepping for the sale section to move downstairs and I walked by the machine again.

There was an old coffee can with a great typeface on the label on top of the machine that stopped me, and when I looked inside I found the letter stamps and tons of extra scrap gold foil. Tucked under all of that were a handful of locks and keys for the luggage.

Immediately, we made ourselves necklaces out of the locks and our largest size of stainless steel ball chain. Immediately, people asked us about them.

In the spirit of sharing these with all of you, I’m releasing the rest of them as a special collection I’ve I originally named “The Suitcase Collection”… it’s four heavy duty ball chain and lock necklaces (that come with keys), and a lucky 7 dainty chains with gold tone keys.

You can find necklaces with padlocks and keys anywhere. But you can’t find necklaces with chains sourced from the current store and locks and keys from the store gone by that was once located here. To me, it’s so special.

The Suitcase lock necklace

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